A Payday Loan Site with a Personal Development Blog?

Some of you may be thinking “This is a payday loan site, with a personal development blog, whats the deal?”  This is a good question, especially since many payday sites will just post repetitive articles about payday loans and the industry to make their site appear helpful.

At 911paydayadvance.com our goal is to help people get out of a bad financial situation and into financial freedom.  We offer short term loans because we know that sometimes things just don’t go as planned, and you need some extra cash to get by until your next paycheck.

With this blog we are also offering our customers helpful information that they can use to change their financial situation and become financially independent.  These articles are written for those of you who are tired of being out of money and want to learn how to gain control of your finances and lives.

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”  – C.G. Jung Continue reading A Payday Loan Site with a Personal Development Blog?

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Why Big Plans Fail, and How to Succeed

Why our great plans fail

We have all done this at least once in ourlife:  We have this amazing idea that is going to completely change our lives for the better.  We are super motivated.  We put together a game plan.   Possibly even go out and tell our friend and families.  We get started, and a week or so later our great idea, our great change is a thing of the past, another dream that just didn’t work out.

What are your goals, dreams, and desires?  Turn them into reality.

Some common examples of great plans that fail are:

The great weight loss plan-

You decide to stop eating junk food and become a super active super healthy person.  And this is going to happen fast.   From now on you are only eating salads and you will go to the gym every day.  Until you realize you don’t enjoy eating only raw plants nor huffing and puffing in front of a bunch of people at the gym. Continue reading Why Big Plans Fail, and How to Succeed

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25 Money Saving Quotes to Live By

save moneyWe all know how important it is to budget and save our money, but for some reason saving money seems nearly impossible or at the least, very difficult for many of us.  However, reading these 25 money saving quotes to live by will really put the concept of saving money into a new perspective and help change the way you view saving money.

  1. “The Art is not in making money, but in keeping it.”  -Proverb
  2. “Every day is a bank account, and time is our currency. No one is rich, no one is poor, we’ve got 24 hours each.” –Christopher Rice Continue reading 25 Money Saving Quotes to Live By
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Bills Got You Down? Create an action plan!

Does it ever seem like you put in hard work week after week just to send your money away to pay bills once you are paid?  Doesn’t this se
em unfair?  Isn’t your time spent working every week worth more than just enough to pay the bills and get by?   Do you ever think to yourself “how can I break this endless cycle of work, pay, work, pay, so that I can actually live!”?   If so it seems like your bills got you down, and it is time to create an action plan.

2161236298_313706cef6_bIf you go from paycheck to paycheck with just enough money to pay the bills there is some great news.  As you read this article you will be shown tools and techniques that will allow you to break free of this paycheck to paycheck cycle by reducing the cost of your bills!  You will learn habits that will act as your ladder to climb yourself out of this hole, how to begin living a life you consider “LIVING” and not just “getting by”.  The simple yet effective tools outlined in this article can truly change your life for the better so long as you take action and use some persistence allowing yourself to achieve results. Continue reading Bills Got You Down? Create an action plan!

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5 tips to save money every day

As we go through our daily routines we are constantly tempted by opportunities to spend our money.  On top of that we are bombarded by colorful advertisements, billboards, and television commercials telling us what we “need” in order to: get through the day, look better, feel better, make our families happy, make ourselves happy, make ourselves healthy, be accepted by our peers, etc.

With this ongoing barrage of messages and opportunities to spend, it is no wonder many people are out of money before their next paycheck.  Just at how many things the world is telling us we need.

So how do we break this endless cycle of daily spending?  How can we make our money last, even with such high prices at stores and restaurants?  Why does it seem like we only buy what we needed but all of our money is gone already?   In this article you will learn 5 tips to save money every day. Continue reading 5 tips to save money every day

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Are payday loans cheaper than credit card or overdraft fees?

Are payday loans cheaper than credit card or overdraft fees?

When some people hear the terms Payday Loan or Cash Advance the first thoughts that come to their mind may be that they are a scam, rip off, or some other negative term gets thrown around about the payday loan industry.

But if we take a closer look at how payday lending works compared to some other forms of borrowing money before payday we will see that the other forms of lending may be the real money eaters.

What are some common forms of lending that payday loans can replace?

Credit Cards

Many people who still have fair to great credit rely on credit cards to carry them to their next paycheck.  Using their cards to pay bills, buy groceries, or handle unexpected payments such as medical bills.   Credit cards are a very useful tool in today’s world, but are they really the best option for borrowing funds?  Let’s look at the numbers to see. Continue reading Are payday loans cheaper than credit card or overdraft fees?

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